I've been a LessWrong organizer since 2011, with roughly equal focus on the cultural, practical and intellectual aspects of the community. My first project was creating the Secular Solstice and helping groups across the world run their own version of it. More recently I've been interested in improving my own epistemic standards and helping others to do so as well.

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[Site Meta] Feature Update: More Tags! (Experimental)

Is the "aligning incentives" tag you are interested in something AI specific or should it apply to general human institutions / social systems? I could see a case for either, but that impacts what tag names we should use.

Site Redesign Feedback Requested

Jim's actually been interested in a dark mode, and better theme support in general. It's a bit tricky because we do expect to change nontrivial bits of the site around sometimes. The actual effort for initial theme support isn't too high, but then committing to keeping various themes working is a pain. (Different team members have different opinions on how to prioritize those issues)

PostsItem-isRead is a sort of hacky thing I added so I could experiment with changing the styling of read posts, with a superfluous style change so that JSS didn't ignore the class. Currently, a post's read-status only displays on it's title, but I wanted to experiment with changing the background color, further up the component hierarchy.

PostsItem2 isn't deliberately unstable but it'll undergo some changes in month's redesign. 

Classifying games like the Prisoner's Dilemma

I'd heard another friend discuss this idea a few months back, and thought it was a useful thing for someone to write up.

Something I found a bit difficult reading this was the arbitrariness of W, X, Y and Z (I had trouble remembering which was which). I think I'd have found it a little easier to parse the examples if they used something like XX, XY, YX, and YY. (Honestly, CC, CD, DC, DD would have been easiest to map onto my existing models, although I get part of the point here was to break from the Cooperate/Defect concept)

Site Redesign Feedback Requested

Oh! That makes sense, will fix that. (Also I think this is true for all tags and seems unnecessarily confusing, thanks for the heads up)

Site Redesign Feedback Requested

oh, I meant specifically for the Add Tag + button (I assumed you meant to the top-right of the Latest section)

Site Redesign Feedback Requested

Thanks! Great feedback.

Clicking the "+" to add a tag filter doesn't work.

This surprises me a bit – what OS/browser/setup are you using? Clicking the button should pop up a little widget where you type in a new tag, with a dropdown menu of selections as you type.

Dony's Shortform Feed

The short answer is "it turns out making use of an assistant is a surprisingly high-skill task, which requires a fair amount of initial investment to understand which sort of things are easy to outsource and which are not, and how to effectively outsource them."

Second Wave Covid Deaths?

Not really the main topic here, but I've been wanting to see graphs for better breakdowns of different parts of California. Anyone have good recommendations for that?

Matt Goldenberg's Short Form Feed

One of my worries with the talk about Simulacra Levels and how it relates to Moral Mazes is that it's not distinguishing between Kegan 2 players (who are lying and manipulating the system for their own gain), with Kegan 4.5 players (who are lying and manipulating the system because they actually have no ontology to operate through except revenge and power), with Kegan 5 players (who are viewing truth and social dynamics as objects to be manipulated because there is no truth of which tribe their a part of or what they believe about a specific thing - it's all dependent on what will generate the most meaning for them/their organization/their culture).

At the same time, it's absolutely imperative that you have systems that can find, develop and promote Kegan 5 leaders that can create new systems and operate through all 3 types of rationality.  Otherwise your organizations/cultures values won't be able to evolve with changing situation.

I worry framing things as Simulacra levels don't distinguish between these two types of players.

This is an interesting concern. I think it's useful to distinguish these things. I'm not sure how big a concern it is for the Simulacra Levels thing to cover this case – my current worry is that the Simulacra concept is trying to do too many things. But, since it does look like Zvi is hoping to have it be a Grand Unified Theory, I agree the Grand Unified version of it should account for this sort of thing.

Possible takeaways from the coronavirus pandemic for slow AI takeoff


I personally agree with the OP, and have found at least the US's response to Covid-19 fairly important for modeling how it might respond to AI. I also found it particularly interesting that it focused on the "Slow Takeoff" scenario. I wouldn't have thought to make that specific comparison, and found it surprisingly apt. 

I also think that, regardless of whether one agrees with the OP, I think "how humanity collectively responded to Covid-19" is still important evidence in some form about how we can expect them to handle other catastrophes, and worth paying attention to, and perhaps debating.

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