Crowdsourced knowledge base

This is a series of posts that propose to build a crowdsourced knowledge base and use it to increase intelligence of people and computers, including AI.

The second post describes the structure of the knowledge base and the method of building it.

Posts that will be published shortly

The third and fourth posts describe some of its possible initial uses that increase intelligence of people and computers, including those that are important according to Effective Altruism.

The eighth post introduces the concept of information space being an interface for exchanging knowledge between all intelligent agents (including people and artificial intelligence). It also presents a hypothesis that truth is an attractor in the information space implemented by the proposed knowledge database. If it turns out that truth is actually an attractor, then it seems this would improve cooperation among people to the extent that it could theoretically lead to the emergence of collective superintelligence.

The ninth post lists some of the most important problems of current AI, including LLMs, and proposes to use the described knowledge database to try to address them.

The remaining three short posts describe other aspects of this knowledge database.

The posts were originally published on from 2018 to 2023.