It was too easy.

"We're looking for the office of Miss Dolores Umbridge," said Fay.

You can wander freely around most places just by looking as if you're supposed to be there.

"Are you lost?" said a Ministry Bureaucrat.

"Miss Dolores Umbridge said we could interview her today but an important meeting came up at the last minute. We're keeping out of everyone's way until she's done," said Fay.

"You might be waiting a long time, kid. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you may be in for some disappointment," said the Ministry bureaucrat.


After the employees had gone home, Fay and Luna took the elevator to Basement Level 9. They walked down the hall to the Department of Mysteries. Fay opened the door and let Luna in after her.

They were standing in a large, circular room. Everything in here was black including the floor and ceiling — identical, unmarked, handle-less black doors were set at intervals all around the black walls, interspersed with branches of candles whose flames burned blue, their cool, shimmering light reflected in the shining marble floor so that it looked as though there was dark water underfoot.

The Entrance Chamber was designed to disorient intruders. The walls spun, making it impossible to tell which door led back outside.

Fay and Luna were trapped far outside the wards of Hogwarts.

How do you secure a facility against witches and wizards who can do anything?

You use honeypots.

Luna thumbed the Spectrespecs in her pocket.

"Obliviate me RIGHT NOW!" shouted Luna.

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Delightful, as always, to see the notification of the next installment having appeared. Thank you for all the work you're putting in to create vocabulary for these slippery concepts, and for writing such a fun read.