Carl Shulman is a Research Fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute who has authored and co-authored several papers on AI risk, including:

  • “How Hard is Artificial Intelligence? Evolutionary Arguments and Selection Effects” 1, a analysis of the implications of the Observation selection effect on the Evolutionary argument for human-level AI
  • ”Whole Brain Emulation and the Evolution of Superorganisms”2, argues for the existence of pressures favoring the emergence of increased coordination between emulated brains, in the form of superorganisms.
  • ”Implications of a Software-Limited Singularity”3, argues for the high probability of a human-level AI before 2060.

Previously, he worked at Clarium Capital Management, a global macro hedge fund, and at the law firm Reed Smith LLP. He attended New York University School of Law and holds a BA in philosophy from Harvard University.

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