Counterfactual Mugging

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However, Vladimir Nesov points out that Rationalists Should Win could be interpreted as suggesting that we should not pay.

I'm not familiar with this position. Citation needed?

I'd guess that line was referencing this:

And so I ask you all: is the decision to give up $100 when you have no real benefit from it, only counterfactual benefit, an example of winning?

From your Counterfactual Mugging post.

I was careful to avoid endorsing any conclusion in the post in order to foment discussion. If we add in my own position (that paying up is winning), the point is that the conception of winning that only cares about actuality is wrong. This does rest on the possibility of the unfortunate interpretation of winning as only caring about actuality, and therefore suggesting that we shouldn't pay, though saying that I was pointing that out seems like a stretch. So maybe it's kinda correct to say that I was pointing it out, but seriously misleading, to the point where it misled even me...