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Sounds like a solution in search for a problem TBH

I'm almost sure the energy you'd save in your lifetime by doing it the optimal way would be less than the energy you spent to write this post...

How 'bout "non-omnicidality"?

(BTW, the term for this is "Muhammad Wang fallacy")

I opened the comments just to say that!

(Oleg and Olga are the masculine and feminine variants of the same name, which is nearly obvious from their spellings but you'd never guess that from their Russian pronunciations alone)

And Irish (Gaelic) has both! (/ɲ/ is slender ng, /nʲ/ is slender n)

...and my votes count twice because I have lots of karma, even though it's from eight years ago?

Wait... do I upvote my own comments by default now?

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