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My Anki patterns

Hmm yeah, looks like you're right. That's surprising, if memory serves me right I read it for free and legally. If you Google for "Anki essentials PDF" the first result is a PDF that seems to be from Alex Vermeer's own site, but maybe that's a limited version. Or maybe I'm misremembering the circumstances of how I read the book.

My Anki patterns

The extra "the" was a typo but seeing it later I decided it's not :)

My Anki patterns

I just wrote some CSS and JavaScript over the weekend, planning to share soon.

My Anki patterns

Set of people:

  • authors or thinkers who I want to recall (e.g., "Sam Harris is the mindfulness and antireligion guy")
  • people I notice I confuse with other people
  • people who I notice I can't remember their name when I meet them (but do know them) - typically people I know and like but don't meet with regularly enough
  • coworkers in my broader team, my management chain

Photos: publicly available photos if googleable, pics from names and faces slides from meetups

The sad state of Rationality Zürich - Effective Altruism Zürich included

Hi! I'm Michael aka Rai, one of the organizers involved. Here's my take.

Roland creeps me out in a S1 way. I am not comfortable holding conversations (especially about personal things) around him. One day, I realized that I am not the only person feeling uncomfortable about Roland.

One of my chief aims as the current de-facto organizer of Rationality Zurich is to have a social group which is pleasant for the people involved, and I have come to believe that Roland's presence at the meetups is net negative, especially (but not exclusively) for the kinds of things which I would like to do more of at Rationality Zurich. Circling is a good example of those things.

I think there are ways Roland could change that would make me feel less creeped out, and maybe reverse the decision (mine was to ban Roland from meetups I organize) - roughly, more social intelligence or empathy. But fixing that is not my responsibility.