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Sure, no big deal.

You can't fight fire with fire, getting out of a tightly wound x-risk trauma spiral involves grounding and building trust in yourself, not being scared into applying the same rigidity in the opposite direction. 

The comment is generally illuminating but this particular sentence seems too snappy and fake-wisdomy to be convincing. Would you mind elaborating?

Thanks for sharing this, it puts into relief a problem I've noticed about academic research: the real research happens behind closed doors and in private communications that the young people don't have access to. Young people end up only learning about the finished theorems much later on in polished form.

That's great to hear, I've been slowly working on this myself in recent years. E.g., it's greatly improved my gaming experience - from being a total lurker to engaging with Discords, posting bugs and suggestions, occasionally writing Steam guides - it's enriching for sure.

I don't know about skills plural, but the game definitely drilled in that particular skill of aiming to falsify one's hypotheses instead of just confirming them. That's a skill well worth a dozen hours of deliberate practice in my opinion.

I reimplemented the game in vanilla Python and managed to simulate it several hundred times with ~10k random species for a total of hundreds of thousands of generations.

Unfortunately, I didn't read Hylang documentation carefully and thought foragers could simultaneously eat one of every food available, instead of just the most nutritious one...

Only my throwaway locust clone survived under the real rules. :'(

Haven't played Osu! for many years now unfortunately. I only got into it briefly to practice mouse accuracy for FPS games, but that motivation has dried up. I suspect Osu! would still be damn good fun without it, so I'll let you know if it gets to the top of my gaming queue. :)

Here are two recentish papers I really enjoyed reading, which I think are fairly reasonable to approach. Some of the serious technical details might be out of reach.

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