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Fair enough, I don't think neovim lacks anything. It is somewhat easier to install additional functionality in onivim, since it supports VsCode plugins, but everything I use (some syntax highlight + tabnine) is also available for neovim. I guess the convenience of adding functionality with a few clicks won me over.


Need: modal code editor that works well for a VIM user

Others I’ve tried:

VsCode with VIM plugin – as any other electron-based app, it tends to hang every once in a while, and the plugins are the first ones to be suspended, so you end up not being able to navigate around the code until it unfreezes.

Emacs with evil-mode – actually my second favourite VIM mode in a code editor. I’d recommend using spacemacs, if you want a good emacs config with evil-mode. Does not work great on large enough monorepos though.