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Yes, this is basically what people are doing.  

I'm the Astera researcher that Nathan spoke to. This is a pretty bad misrepresentation of my views based on a 5 minute conversation that Nathan had with me about this subject (at the end of a technical interview). 

A few responses:

  • We do publish open source code at but we are considering moving to closed source at some point in the future for safety concerns
  • It is untrue that we are "not interested in securing [our] code or models against malicious actors", but it is true that we are not currently working on the interventions suggested by Nathan
  • My personal view is that AI alignment needs to be tailored to the model, an approach that I am working on articulating further and hope to post on this forum
  • Steve Byrnes works at the Astera institute on alignment issues

For those who don't want to break out a calculator, Wikipedia has it here:

You can see the perfect fourth and perfect fifth are very close to 4/3 and 3/2 respectively. This is basically just a coincidence and we use 12 notes per octave because there are these almost nice fractions. A major scale uses the 2212221 pattern because that hits all the best matches with low denominators, skipping 16/15 but hitting 9/8, for example. 

Imagine you had an oracle which could assess the situation an agent is in and produce a description for an ML architecture that would correctly "solve" that situation.

I think for some strong versions of this oracle, we could create the ML component from the architecture description with modern methods. I think this combination could effectively act as AGI over a wide range of situations, again with just modern methods. It would likely be insufficient for linguistic tasks.

I think that's what this article is getting at. The author is an individual from Uber. Does anyone know if this line of thinking has other articles written about it?

I also go to church regularly. Albeit it is a Unitarian Universalist church, and I am an atheist.