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About the 3-year-old cancer researcher:

Foldit is a video game about realistically-folding amino acids. When scientists had trouble figuring out how amino acids form into proteins, Foldit players actually had better results than the best computer simulations.

3 is probably a bit too young, but projects like this would be really useful.

Thousand Oaks, CA – ACX Meetups Everywhere 2021

I don't know what they are like. Should I bring anything? It starts at noon, but how long does it last?

Truth + Reason = The True Religion?

It says no man has the right to interrupt the happiness of another and talks about property rights, but also says "Whatever is inconsistent with the general peace & welfare of mankind is inconsistent with the laws of human nature and therefore wrong".

What would Wollaston say about heroin dealers? Is it right or wrong to prevent them from dealing heroin?

£2000 bounty - contraceptives (and UTI) literature review

woah, birth control is way more complicated than I thought. I started looking and it turns out I can't just read a bunch of studies about each method and say what the side effect risks are. There are quite a lot of birth control methods and chemicals, each with tons of complicated chemical interactions, tons of complicated hormonal interactions, side effects, etc. Each article talks about lots of fancy biological terms like "venous thrombosis" that I have to keep looking up. I also don't really have the medical knowledge to really put things in scale: for example, one medication treatment is said to raise a hormone level to a peak of something ng/mL, and I don't know how much of a change that is.

Thanks for the help finding sources, everyone, but this bounty won't be claimed until a doctor looks at it.

£2000 bounty - contraceptives (and UTI) literature review

actually never mind. I don't have a university or anything that gives access to journals, sci-hub doesn't have a convenient search tool, and arxiv doesn't have enough articles about this topic

£2000 bounty - contraceptives (and UTI) literature review

I'd be interested, but you say that the payment "depending on the post, it might also end up (much) lower". Also, I haven't done any research into this before, and would have a lot of reading to do, and so someone else would probably do it first.

Have you already had volunteers, and could you elaborate on the payment?

How factories were made safe

Not really helpful for understanding the history of factory safety, but here's a funny German workplace safety video, Forklift Driver Klaus: (note, you do not need to speak german)

Failing safely is the anomaly

That was extremely interesting and relevant, thanks!

The Utility Function of a Prepper

Alex is correct about water. People can go weeks without food but only days without water, so if there's a crisis water is the most important.

I'm not a general prepper, but if an earthquake breaks a bunch of water pipes or something it might take a few days to fix things.

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