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I found the perfect hedge: 

I bet $5,000 to win $33,500 that the following Metaculus question resolves YES… 

Bet is voided if resolution is ambiguous. 

Yeah this sucks, and I have no idea how to fix it. 

But if you want top notch information of what's happening at the front lines in SF, follow this twitter account:

Zvi, are you betting your beliefs on Polymarket?

Have you seen the flip of the record cases market in the last three days?

A few ways to hedge that were floating in my head:

Long natural gas futures

Long Brent oil futures

Buy VIX calls

Buy DXY calls

Buy VGK puts

If you use the platform, just link your polymarket address and people can peer to peer you tips at no cost.

Hey Zvi, do you accept tips through Polymarket?

Zvi you got one of your markets:

Re: effectiveness of Paxlovid vs Omicron:

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