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I feel like Project Lawful, as well as many of Lintamande's other glowfic since then, have given me a whole lot deeper an understanding of... a collection of virtues including honor, honesty, trustworthiness, etc, which I now mostly think of collectively as "Law".

I think this has been pretty valuable for me on an intellectual level—I think, if you show me some sort of deontological rule, I'm going to give a better account of why/whether it's a good idea to follow it than I would have before I read any glowfic.

It's difficult for me to separate how much of that is due to Project Lawful in particular, because ultimately I've just read a large body of work which all had some amount of training data showing a particular sort of thought pattern which I've since learned. But I think this particular fragment of the rationalist community has given me some valuable new ideas, and it'd be great to figure out a good way of acknowledging that.


i think they presented a pretty good argument that it is actually rather minor

While the concept that looking at the truth even when it hurts is important isn't revolutionary in the community, I think this post gave me a much more concrete model of the benefits. Sure, I knew about the abstract arguments that facing the truth is valuable, but I don't know if I'd have identified it as an essential skill for starting a company, or as being a critical component of staying in a bad relationship. (I think my model of bad relationships was that people knew leaving was a good idea, but were unable to act on that information—but in retrospect inability to even consider it totally might be what's going on some of the time.)


So if a UFO lands in your backyard and aliens ask if you if you want to go on a magical (but not particularly instrumental) space adventure with them, I think it's reasonable to very politely decline, and get back to work solving alignment.

I think I'd probably go for that, actually, if there isn't some specific reason to very strongly doubt it could possibly help? It seems somewhat more likely that I'll end up decisive via space adventure than by mundane means, even if there's no obvious way the space adventure will contribute.

This is different if you're already in a position where you're making substantial progress though.

i think, in retrospect, this feature was a really great addition to the website.


This post introduced me to a bunch of neat things, thanks!


There are several comments "suggesting that maybe the cause is mental illness".


But personally, I think having such a standard is both unreasonable and inconsistent with the implicit standard set by essays from Yudkowsky and other MIRI people.

I think this is largely coming from an attempt to use approachable examples? I could believe that there were times when MIRI thought that even getting something as good as ChatGPT might be hard, in which case they should update, but I don't think they ever believed that something as good as ChatGPT is clearly sufficient. I certainly never believed that, at least.

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