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I think the fact that we have extinguished species is a binary outcome that supports my argument. Why would it be a count of how many? The fact alone says that we can be exterminated.

I am really cautious of saying that there are only 2 things I am not doing and I got a weird feeling that I ticked most the boxes. Has anybody had this feeling? (OK I don't use pens and I don't have a consistent mentor).

can you explain why sub is the most likely since humans have made exticts thousands of animal species? not semi-extinct. We made them 100% extinct.

great article. I hope you realize your startup research/idea. One comment, I think the salaries derail the whole budget plan, afaik from startup world I have been involved, founders make big sacrifices to get their thing going in return for a big equity in the startup they believe someday will become a unicorn. 

how about texting vs calling? pros / cons? I frequently text people from my past but I find calling a bit more awkward/pervasive

We just "hope" that we will get first something that is dangerous but cannot outpower everyone, just trick some and then the rest will stop it. In your scenario, we are screwed yes. That's what this forum is about isn't it ;)

Regardless of content I would say that me among I suspect the majority of people have a natural aversion to titles starting with "No." It is confrontational and shows that the author has a strong conviction about something that is clearly not binary and wants to shove the negative word to start off in your face. I would urge everyone to refrain from having a title like that.

Has anyone seen MI7? I guess Tom is not the most popular guy in this forum but the storyline of a rogue AI as presented (within the limits of a mission impossible block buster) sounds not only plausible but also a great story to bring awareness to crowds about the dangers. It talks about the inability of governments to stop it (although obviously it will be stopped in the upcoming movie) and also their eagerness to control it to rule over the world while the AI just wants to bring chaos (or does it have an ultimate goal?) and also how some humans will be aligned with and obey it regardless if it takes them to their own doom too. Thoughts?

can you explain your calculations? isn't cryo around 50k right now? 

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