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Rationality Quotes February 2014

1 min read
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Rationality Quotes October 2013

1 min read
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[LINK] Wireheading in SMBC

1 min read
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I have been convinced that deleting my comments would be overkill, so I'm going to just delete my account, which will anonymize my comments, and hope that [the permalink page title bug]( will be fixed.

I might come back here with a dif...(read more)

> The nice thing about IF is that in many forms, it's dead easy: you eat nothing one day, twice as much the next.

A particular form of IF I've heard of from several places is even easier: only eat within an 8-hour window each day. I often do that out of sheer can't-be-arsed-to-have-breakfastness. ...(read more)

* You might be underestimating P(X read that particular XKCD | I know X), as I am a physicist, and know a fair number of engineers and computer scientists and a few mathematicians; * you might be underestimating P(X continued to read enough of the site to stumble on my username | X was led to LW for...(read more)

How many of said threats are not bluffs? I mean, I know that some of them aren't, but I can't get myself to alieve it.

As of now, after both you and [lfghjkl]( suggested me not to delete valuable comments, I'm leaning towards just deleting my account. (I've already removed my location from it as per ChristianKl's suggestion.) If I was in the Hyperbolic ...(read more)

It'd be a hell of a lot of work to find all of them.

You can still tell who wrote such comments by following the permalink and looking at the title of the page.

I'm mostly worried about people stumbling upon LW e.g. from the title text of that comic, starting browsing the site, reading my comments, and recognizing my username from elsewhere. Granted, someone motivated to doxx me enough to overcome [trivial inconveniences]( more)

I've written things about other people without their consent, figuring there would be a negligible chance anybody could guess who they were. But now I think that chance, while still not huge, is no longer that negligible.

(I've also written certain politically incorrect things, but as someone worki...(read more)

> Do you really think that who you are in meatspace is possible to identify from reading a few LW posts?

My username is formed by a shortening (though not one I often go by) of my real first name and my real birth year, and I've used it elsewhere, including in my main non-work e-mail address; so an...(read more)