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Yes, to kill everyone AI needs to reach like IQ = 200. Maybe enough to construct a virus. 

It is nowhere superintelligence. Superintelligence is overkill. 

Can your partner trick you using the second switch? Do you have voice-controlled lamps?

I think that people reason that if everyone will constantly defect, we will get less trustworsy society, where life is dangerous and complex projects are impossible. 

Reflexive inconsistency can manifest even in simpler decision theory experiments, such as the prisoner's dilemma. Before being imprisoned, anyone would agree that cooperation is the best course of action. However, once in jail, an individual may doubt whether the other party will cooperate and consequently choose to defect.

In the Newcomb paradox, reflexive inconsistency becomes even more central, as it is the very essence of the problem. At one moment, I sincerely commit to a particular choice, but in the next moment, I sincerely defect from that commitment. A similar phenomenon occurs in the Hitchhiker problem, where an individual makes a promise in one context but is tempted to break it when the context changes. 

Anthropic did opposite thing https://transformer-circuits.pub/2024/scaling-monosemanticity/index.html

Also, radars are good in pinpointing exact coordinates in space and time. Optical recognition may have delays or difficultly in measuring distance. Even 1 second delay makes their information useless for supersonic aircrafts.

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May be the most surprising answer will be Paul Valéry. He is a great poet but during one night in 1892 he decided to spend all his life in solving the mystery of intelligence and wrote extensive notebooks about it. https://collecties.kb.nl/en/koopman-collection/1951-1960/cahiers 

It works only if it fly above your territory - and similar systems are used for drones detection now. Actually, they use people eyes and smartphones and instant messaging. But during recent attack on Iran a single F35 flied over Iraq and fired a missile from like 200 km distance on a target in Iran. 

Did you ever see any plane that far? I saw only planes above me (10 km) and they are almost like dots. 

The difference between optics and radar is that with optics you need to know where to look - but the radar has constant 360 perception. 

They likely use them in places where no air defence is present and still at some disatnce using JDAM. 

I think that I missed the main thing about stealth - they are stealth for radar on the distances like 100 km, but visible for radar on the distances like 10 km (arbitrary numbers). But optical observation on distances of 100 km is impossible (need large telescopes, but you need to know where to look). Also optical density of atmosphere starts playing role as well a spherical size of earth.

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