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I'm an admin of this site; I work full-time on trying to help people on LessWrong refine the art of human rationality.

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BrienneYudkowsky's Shortform

Some of these reminded me of when Weft asked a few slightly related qustions previously.

The Lesson To Unlearn

I found it a surprisingly fresh take, given so many shared starting assumptions. I really enjoy reading someone thinking aloud for themselves, even on a topic that's been talked about so much. And a surprisingly optimistic conclusion.

BrienneYudkowsky's Shortform

I was honestly a bit surprised how well you managed to pull the exact moment from my childhood where I learned the word 'monograph'. I read every page of a beautiful red book that contained all of the Sherlock Holmes stories, and I distinctly recall the line about having written a monograph on the subject of cigar ash, and being able to discern the different types.

Research: Rescuers during the Holocaust

This is both fascinating and very valuable for understand human psychology, and id like to see it reviewed.

The Bat and Ball Problem Revisited

Seconding Habryka. I’d really like to see this reviewed.

Preliminary thoughts on moral weight

Seconding Ray. This was a bunch of important hypotheses about consciousness I had never heard of.

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