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Regardless of the cause, there's something to be said for being so dedicated. 

Seems impractical if your income is a salary, which is quite common. But anyway thanks for posting this, it's very interesting. It's cool that there's a whole well documented community devoted to the workings of tax collection from an adversarial perspective. 

High income rats are presumably disproportiatly likely to want a passport. 

Don't be so influenced by what Netflix deems suitable to show you. 

Worrying about extinction is one thing, and we're nowhere near that point, but does the pro fertility case rely on the philosophical assumption that more people is better? Surely you can see how some people might not find that very compelling.

I think plenty of guys would be willing to settle for less than perfect. 

Could this work with email? Some emails are productive, and some are procrastination. 

I share your frustration. I made ONE downvoted comment and then was restricted for quite some time. 

Just wanted to register my complaint that I find it somewhat annoying to be rate limited, and somewhat surprising this wasn't targeted more specifically at new users, which was the impression I got from earlier posts. Also I would have commented earlier, but each time I thought to do it was when I was rate limited, lol. 

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