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What Bayesianism taught me

Bayes' Theorem is taught in High-School here, at all levels of math.

More "Stupid" Questions

Some mixture of verbal thinking, and what I can only really describe as 'thinking in rules'.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (6th thread, July 2013)

I sometimes forget how much untapped potential in term of networking opportunities Less Wrong holds.

Open Thread, July 1-15, 2013

Probably made even more difficult because I misremembered the letter. It was G*, and the article was The Importance of Goodhart's Law. It suddenly came back to me in a flash after seeing your reply, so thanks!

Open Thread, July 1-15, 2013

I need help finding a particular thread on LW, it was a discussion of either utility or ethics, and it utilized the symbols Q and Q* extensively, as well as talking about Lost Purposes. My inability to locate it is causing me brain hurt.

How I Became More Ambitious

If you're having difficulty with Akrasia and procrastination and you are still looking for solutions, might I suggest the Less Wrong Study Hall? We do constant pomodoros of 25 minutes work, 5 minutes rest, and many of us have found it tremendously effective.

(This is a result of the Co-Working Collaboration to Combat Akrasia post)

Open Thread, July 1-15, 2013

This conversation just metacitasized.

It's okay, I'll show myself out.

Open Thread, July 1-15, 2013

Also, aren't MRI's going to be a problem?

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