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By "here," I meant Israel.

Bayes' Theorem is taught in High-School here, at all levels of math.

Some mixture of verbal thinking, and what I can only really describe as 'thinking in rules'.

I sometimes forget how much untapped potential in term of networking opportunities Less Wrong holds.

Probably made even more difficult because I misremembered the letter. It was G*, and the article was The Importance of Goodhart's Law. It suddenly came back to me in a flash after seeing your reply, so thanks!

I need help finding a particular thread on LW, it was a discussion of either utility or ethics, and it utilized the symbols Q and Q* extensively, as well as talking about Lost Purposes. My inability to locate it is causing me brain hurt.

If you're having difficulty with Akrasia and procrastination and you are still looking for solutions, might I suggest the Less Wrong Study Hall? We do constant pomodoros of 25 minutes work, 5 minutes rest, and many of us have found it tremendously effective.

(This is a result of the Co-Working Collaboration to Combat Akrasia post)

This conversation just metacitasized.

It's okay, I'll show myself out.

Also, aren't MRI's going to be a problem?

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