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[LINK, TED video] Kathryn Schulz on Being Wrong

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Quantifying ethicality of human actions

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Hi, it currently appears to me that the LW2 functionality around 'recovery email' addresses is subtly broken, and if I am correct, this **will** impact LW1 users who did not set a recovery email until after the first database import to LesserWrong, as well as any users wishing to change their associ...(read more)

Any progress on this? With the switchover from LW1 now imminent, I've looked at the LessWrong code on github a bit more and from a cursory review, it really does seem that the usecase or 'flow' of a user editing their own "recovery email" address is broken. The code calls the proper Meteor/Vulcan fu...(read more)

Part of it is just semantics, really. In contemporary times, "art" tends to be connoted as left-wing, while "design" and "craft", which occupy much of the same space, as apolitical or even loosely on the 'right'. Wiewing website design as "art" as opposed to a "craft", or even just one design activi...(read more)

There's currently a lot of useful content at the LessWrong (LW1) Wiki, What will happen to it? It seems that at a very minimum, you should request a wikidump as well from Trike; it would even be relatively easy to make a _public_ dump available, using the tools that MediaWiki mak...(read more)

Great news, overall. However, do notice that, by all indications, this migration _will_ in fact break links, for the case of "links to comments on a deleted LW1 post". As I mentioned on LW1 itself, given such a LW1 "permlink", you can freely explore "parent" comments and replies. Lesser Wrong does n...(read more)

I actually thought the "coalitional" part did deserve a mention, precisely because it is one of the few facets of the problem that we can just fight (which is not to say that coalitions don't have a _social_ and _formal_ role to play in any actual political system!) Again, I think Crick would also a...(read more)

> ... I'll just briefly note for the benefit of others that this excerpt seems like the biggest crux and point of disagreement. ...

In tne interest of the general norm of "trying to identify cruxes and make them explicit", I'd like to endorse this - except that to me, the issue goes well beyond "hu...(read more)

> That this can be a place where people will actually put forth the effort to get the basic everywhere everyday flawed human communication bugs out of the picture, and do deliberate and intentional communication and collaborative truth seeking on a meaningfully higher level. ... Everything Scott sai...(read more)

Ah, but who will argue for the "Alex's" who were genuinely made uncomfortable by the proposed norms of Dragon's Army - perhaps to the point of disregarding even some good arguments and/or evidence in favor of it - and who are now being conflated with horribly abusive people as a direct result of thi...(read more)

> I myself was wrong to engage with them as if their beliefs had cruxes that would respond to things like argument and evidence.

This is a fully-general-counterargument to any sort of involvement by people with even middling real-world concerns in LW2 - so if you mean to cite _this_ remark approvin...(read more)