[LINK, TED video] Kathryn Schulz on Being Wrong

bybogus 8y4th May 20114 comments



Kathryn Schulz is a self-identified "Wrongologist" (in fact, @wrongologist is her user name on Twitter).  She has written a popular book ("Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error", web site) and also writes the Slate column 'The Wrong Stuff'.  Her TED talk covers the problem of disagreement, the nature of belief, overconfidence bias and how to actually change your mind.  She maintains that most folks actively avoid the unpleasant feeling of "being wrong", which is an important point I have not seen before (but see The Importance of Saying 'Oops' and Crisis of Faith).  Unfortunately, she does not discuss reasoning about uncertainty, so her arguments against 'the feeling of right' end up seeming rather shallow.

Discuss her TED talk here. (Her broader work is also obviously on topic.)