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Omicron Variant Post #1: We’re F***ed, It’s Never Over

Just curious, what's the problem with "nu" in verbal conversation ?

[Letter] Advice for High School #1

Visual Studio Code lets you perform most tasks directly from the keyboard. You can even use a Vim emulator if you like.

But more importantly, "faster edits gives me a faster iteration time" : when developing complex stuff, your writing speed is clearly not the limiting factor. Using proper file structure visualization and navigation tools is way more important.

[Letter] Advice for High School #1

You can SSH directly with VS Code in just one click with the remote extension.

[Letter] Advice for High School #1

Why would Vim be important ? I mean, everybody uses VS Code nowadays, and it's much more easy and versatile and no need to read a book to understand it...

Agency in Conway’s Game of Life

Could you just explain a bit "will only be likely to contain arbitrary patterns of sizes up to log(10^120)" please ? Or give some pointers with other usage of such calculation ?

Covid 12/24: We’re F***ed, It’s Over


But ln(370/20)/ln(2) = 4.2. This means that the new strain doubled 4 times between September and mid-November, suggesting a typical doubling time of just over two weeks.

This is approximately what is observed at the end of December.

But indeed, I don't understand why the number of infected people suddenly decreases at the end of November. An explanation would be helpful.

Where can we find the source saying that there were about 20 cases of new strains in September?

The Equation of Knowledge

I read this book two years ago when it was published in French. I found it incredibly exciting to read, and that's what motivated me to discover this site and then move on to a master's degree in machine learning.

This book saved me a lot of time in discovering Bayesianism, and made a much deeper change in my way of thinking than if I had simply read a textbook of Bayesian machine learning.

I am of course happy to have read the sequences, but I think I am lucky to have started with the equation of knowledge which is much shorter to read and which provides the theoretical assurances, motivation, main tools, enthusiasm and pedagogy to engage in the quest for Bayesianism.

Transportation as a Constraint

Good Post!

Here is another point. The population of a city is constrained by the agricultural area accessible in less than 3-4 days, which is the time corresponding to the storage time of vegetables and fruits. During antiquity, Paris was the biggest town in France and was inhabited by 10,000 inhabitants, which corresponds to the population fed by a circle of arable land within a 3-day radius of oxcarts. If in the future transport becomes more constrained (oil shortage?), we should then expect to see the size of the cities greatly reduced.

If you speak French you can look at Jean-Marc Jancovici's lecture

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