Beta - First Impressions

Also, I wasn't effusive enough: thank you so much. I love what you're doing with this site.

Beta - First Impressions

Feedback on the mobile site.

Using Chrome on a Nexus 6P running Android 8.1.

The suboptimal:

  • The mobile view has no margin at all on the sides, which makes it unpleasant to read. [Screenshot]( 20171215 223941.png)
  • I had to write this comment in my text editor app then pasted it, because oh god, the editor is so slow (on my phone) that it's unusable. THEN, paste didn't work in the comment box. So I had to use the desktop site in Chrome (on Android), which allowed me to successfully paste.
  • I can also enter text semi-successfully in desktop site mode (still on my phone) but it's still laggy and half the words disappear after I enter them - it's a lot like trying to comment on Facebook using the desktop site mode on my phone.
  • If I've begun reading a page page and it reloads (e.g. I reopen the browser or I switch tabs and come back) I find myself back at the top of the page. I don't know any other site that does this. This also occasionally happens randomly – maybe I'm tapping something accidentally?
  • Search: if I hit the little x, it doesn't delete my search text – it hides the search box.

The good:

  • Pretty!
  • Nicely organised, making it easier to delve into the good stuff. I'm currently reading the Codex.
  • Gives me hope that the Less Wrong community has a bright future, because there is a desirable place to gather. Also because the Less Wrong 2.0 project itself seems to have brought people together and created common purpose.
Science Doesn't Trust Your Rationality

Fair enough, and taking it that way, I think the reasoning does hold up.

The Hero With A Thousand Chances

Thanks - ahntharhapik seemed obvious but I missed khanfhighur. (Khanfhighur is much more obvious now when I imagine it with an American accent.)

Re my original question, I'm still curious whether there are any clues about the language itself (other than that there are obvious cognates with English and what those cognates are). Does it relate to other stories/worldbuilding

I'm probably overthinking it.

The Hero With A Thousand Chances

Out of curiosity, do we know anything about the native language of the hero? Ahntharhapik and khanfhighur don't seem to be from existing languages (Edit: by which I mean, using this or similar spelling).

Is there anything significant here for the story, or is Eliezer (say) just avoiding the assumption that the hero is an English speaker?

Meetup : Melb Rationality Dojo, March: Communication and Cognitive Biases


Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane. Level 1, Room 1.

Science Doesn't Trust Your Rationality

Libertarianism secretly relies on most individuals being prosocial enough to tip at a restaurant they won't ever visit again.

I'm puzzled that you gave that specific example, given that it's obviously wrong. Most countries do not have a culture of tipping, and their economies don't implode. They just have less headaches at bill time. And in many cases (a long way from libertarianism) their wait staff get paid a living wage.

I'm also not sure what it means for libertarianism to rely on something, since libertarianism is not an actual functioning thing in existence. But if it did exist and function, it would not rely on tipping.

Hand vs. Fingers

When you pick up a cup of water... the force exerted by your hand must be zero.

Unless you are holding the cup up, supporting it against the force of gravity.

[Link] Op-Ed on Brussels Attacks

Agreed - the article is remarkably rational for a mainstream media op-ed.

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