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Covid 11/25: Another Thanksgiving

What odds would you put on a proposition that in the next 6 months there will be at least one 24 hour period in which over 5% of your spam folder messages will be selling Paxlovid.

Covid 11/18: Paxlovid Remains Illegal

The antivaxxer detox treatments sound crazy and nonsensical now, but I already saw an "inoculate yourself against vaccine" ad which promised to build up immunity against vaccine components. If this is not a scam, it might lead to increase in anaphylactic shock and severe allergy cases following vaccinations.

Covid 11/11: Winter and Effective Treatments Are Coming

Plus the 3% of holdouts (14 thousand in absolute numbers) are critically important , apparently they cannot afford to lose anyone at all. Which is very strange. There are less than 9 million people in Quebec and according to their numbers, 420 thousand are employed in healthcare which is 10% of their employed population. 

Covid 11/11: Winter and Effective Treatments Are Coming

Looks like Quebec government is seriously concerned that unvaccinated medical workers will quit.

Covid 11/4: The After Times

How do you know you didn't already have breakthrough infection and recovered?

About two thirds of the vaccinated will not develop any symptoms in such event.

Indoor dancing is safe enough

Essentially, everyone either needs to get vaccinated or get covid: there aren't really other options.

I disagree, there is at least one other option, the one you are trying to avoid: get vaccinated AND get covid.

Covid 10/28: An Unexpected Victory

Why masks though? Are they that good at stopping pathogens? 

Consider a burka. Wouldn't it be more convenient while offering equivalent or better protective value?

Covid 10/28: An Unexpected Victory

There are two types of antivaxxers. Those who had covid and recovered and those who did not.

The ones that had covid and recovered do not underestimate the risk of the virus to themselves.

Covid 10/21: Rogan vs. Gupta

We used to believe that for influenza handwashing and avoiding hand contact with mucous membranes is much more important than for covid. Are we updating on this?

Covid 10/21: Rogan vs. Gupta

When people start doing their own data science on VAERS database, the result sometimes looks like this document. Do you want to explain why covid vaccines appear to be 100 times less safe than flu vaccines?

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