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For your CDC file:

The CDC lowers a developmental milestone for speech development:

A child must know 50 words by 30 months.

Used to be 24 months.

The gender gap is further compounded by the menstrual irregularities the vaccine is somewhat likely to cause.

Women talk, and that is hardly a very pleasant experience and it appears common enough for many to notice.

People who do not vaccinate now are not making this decision because you point out failures.

They can point out failures themselves and do it too.

And there are some results

The trial is under way

Right, I did misunderstand. I thought you were proposing taking 10% and trying to convince some of them who can be convinced. But the value of that is decreasing every day now. Half the population has already been infected at least once and recovered which is probably equivalent to vaccination.

Why did these vaccines produce close to 1000 cases of heart and pericardium inflammation in young men while flu vaccines do not?

What if we make covid vaccines with older technology, the way we make flu vaccines. This is not being done. No one can choose older tech vaccines over newer tech vaccines. 

What's the point of being silent about the failures of FDA and CDC? The silence will not convince anyone.

In US, the number of unvaccinated is closer to 30%. This is no long tail. 

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