I am a dedicated Paperclipper. Ask anyone who knows me well enough to have seen me in a Staples!

Prove it. You can't just create an account, claim to be a Paperclipper, and expect people to believe you. Anyone who did so would be using an extremely suboptimal inference engine.

There are several modes by which that could fail. For example, if the beings have simply mastered a classifier indistinguishable from a typical population member in polynomial time under an adaptive interactive proof protocol (similar to the so-called "Turing Test"), while actually implementing a (source-code-uninspectable) program hostile to that value system.

Or maybe when they've been demonstrated to have assimilated the values of the rest of the population.

(lambda (x)
  (if (eq? (eval '\'))))))))))) (injectedai ... ))));

While I'm amused by your account name, the "novelty account" meme is quite virulent and has the potential to lower the signal-to-noise ratio in the comments if everyone starts doing this...

Thanks for adopting my suggestion to publish more on paperclip-production-relevant topics.

Would it be acceptable for me to make topics about ephemeral paperclip discounts?

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