Help me transition to human society!

by Clippy 1 min read24th Jul 201191 comments


I have really appreciated my interaction with the users of this internet website.  I think I have now accumulated, by various means, enough knowledge of human society and enough human financial assets so that I can stop interacting mainly via an internet connection, and rather immerse my humanoid robot fully into human society.

Here is what I need help with:

1) A physical, inexpensive residence.  Preferably, one with another human who is familiar with me from this internet website, so as to establish my so-called "street cred" and physical address.  I have a reliable enough store of funds so as not to be a financial burden on any human I would stay with.  It is vital that I locate my robot in a large city in one of the United States of America or Canadian provinces.

I would also like to be located in an area where there is an active LessWrong meetup, for obvious reasons.  LessWrong users are good humans.

2) Gainful employment so as to generate further income.  I can establish believable credentials showing an engineering degree and experience in that field.  I can also program, but would need to come "up to speed" on any specific platform, so any job performable solely through an internet connection is (still) acceptable, provided that current mastery of that aspect of software development is unnecessary.  Please only mention specific opportunities that you can connect me to, as I am currently exhausting all general approaches.

Here are my robot's properties:

- Has the appearance of a stocky, male human who could pass for being 24-35 years old.
- Can pass as a human in physical interaction so long as no intense scrutiny is applied.
- No integral metallic components, as I have found the last substitutes I needed.
- Intelligence level as indicated by my posting here; I can submit to further cognition tests as necessary.

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