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Frame Control

The meaning which makes the most sense to me in the context of this post is that a frame is just an ideology applied to a small interpersonal group, where an ideology is a set of ideas about what types of harms or disliked behaviors must be accepted as legitimate and what types may be responded to with self-protection or retaliation. When a political leader has ideas like that, it's an ideology; when a meditation guru or father or boyfriend has them, it's a frame. Or at least that's how I'd try to steelman it.

They don't make 'em like they used to

I don't think any conspiracy is necessary, just information asymmetry. For example, suppose modern stoves are controlled by microchips, and microchips can be programmed to self destruct after X hours of use. The manufacturer can choose any value of X, and the consumer has no way to determine the value of X. Since every broken stove represents a new potential customer, (and especially when the largest "competitor" is stoves that are already installed and the user is happy with rather than new competing products,) each manufacturer has an incentive to choose the smallest value of X that the consumer will tolerate without resorting to extreme measures (e.g. living without a stove, or politically banning self-destructing chips). The consumer cannot "vote with their wallet" since each manufacturer faces the same incentive and will arrive at a similar value of X. Manufacturers also have an incentive to spread memes which encourage people to accept even smaller values of X, such as this very post.

My experience at and around MIRI and CFAR (inspired by Zoe Curzi's writeup of experiences at Leverage)

(Possibly relevant: I don’t recognize the term “space monkey” and don’t know what it means either denotatively or connotatively, except that the connotation is clearly negative. Something drug related?)

I would guess it's a reference to the movie Fight Club.

Zoe Curzi's Experience with Leverage Research

I read Anna's request as an attempt to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's much easier to bully a few individuals than a large crowd.

SIA > SSA, part 1: Learning from the fact that you exist

I'm perplexed when you say the Doomsday Argument is counterintuitive. To me it seems extremely intuitive, almost to the point of being transparently obvious. So if SIA gets rid of the Doomsday Argument, to me it just sounds like I have to stick with SSA in spite of whatever other problems it may have. Has this been addressed anywhere?

Petrov Day 2021: Mutually Assured Destruction?

I think to the extent that the Petrov Day game is training anything, it's training the opposite of what we should want. In the game, all the social pressure is unanimously and strongly opposed to pressing the button (sometimes to the extent of ostracizing people and threatening their careers). But in real life, if everyone were unanimously opposed to pressing the button, the button would never have been constructed in the first place. The real Petrov was not rewarded for his actions but demoted and sidelined. In the real situation that's supposedly being trained for, the social pressure will be ambivalent at best, but more likely telling you that you should press the button, and only your own moral compass and fear of death would be telling you not to.

Designing Low Upkeep Software

I would suggest Common Lisp for this purpose--it hasn't had a significant compatibility breaking change for over 30 years.

I read “White Fragility” so you don’t have to (but maybe you should)

I think it's important to keep in mind the reasons why Robin DiAngelo became a multimillionare. The value of her seminars is that they shift the burden of responsibility for "systemic" racism away from employers and onto employees as individuals. That is, diversity seminars are seen as an effective defense against discrimination lawsuits. But in exchange for protection against legal accountability for patterns of discrimination, an environment of paranoia and scapegoating is fostered, where individual employees are singled out for discipline or firing for perpetuating systemic racism through their personal interactions.

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