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Bay Solstice 2019 Retrospective

Could someone explain what the "Eliezer bit" actually was, for those of us who weren't there?

Free Speech and Triskaidekaphobic Calculators: A Reply to Hubinger on the Relevance of Public Online Discussion to Existential Risk

As a semi-outsider, rationalists seem remarkably unlikely to altruistically punish each other for this sort of casual betrayal. (This is a significant part of why I've chosen to remain a semi-outsider by only participating online.)

What cognitive biases feel like from the inside

I'm going to assume this is a false flag attack on conflict theory by an insane, terroristic mistake theorist.

Dominic Cummings: "we’re hiring data scientists, project managers, policy experts, assorted weirdos"

But Schelling's whole point was about how it's virtually impossible to separate those two things.

Meta-discussion from "Circling as Cousin to Rationality"

Oh, I see. Yes, I was assuming in the context of this discussion that X is something you hadn't already thought of, and do find relevant.

Meta-discussion from "Circling as Cousin to Rationality"

Probably? Commentary is useful because most of us aren't smart enough to anticipate all possible criticisms and responses to those criticisms.

Meta-discussion from "Circling as Cousin to Rationality"

Yes, I disagree with that as stated, although I would agree with a slightly softened version that replaced "the author should be interpreted as ignorant" with "the post should be regarded as less trustworthy".

Meta-discussion from "Circling as Cousin to Rationality"

To be clear, I don't interpret a lack of any response as anything other than a sign that the author has a busy life. What I take as strong evidence of the author being incapable of giving a proper response is when there's a back-and-forth in which the author never directly responds to the original question.

Meta-discussion from "Circling as Cousin to Rationality"

My experience has been that the usual reason these threads are unproductive, when they are, is simply because the author doesn't have a sensible answer. Unpleasant as it may be for the rest of us, Said is doing us a great service by revealing this fact.

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