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I'd still be interested in seeing this.

Has the checklist been revisited or optimized in any way since its original formulation? (By CFAR or otherwise?)

Also the books of Karl Schroeder (Sun of Suns series, other standalones)

Sounds interesting - would love a writeup of any solid conclusions.

A bit late here, but Golden Age by John C. Wright.

I decided to take this. Let me know if you'd like to connect.

I'm an EA and interested in signing up for cryonics. After cryocrastinating for a few years (ok I guess I don't get to say "after" until I actually sign up), I've realized that I should definitely sign up for life insurance, because of the ability to change the beneficiary. I place a low probability on cryonics working right now, but I can claim a charity or a Donor Advised Fund as the beneficiary until I place a sufficient probability on suspension technology working. In the future, I can change it back if I change my mind, etc.

Any issues that might come into this? If no one sees any flaws, I'm committing to sign up for life insurance with this plan in mind by or during the next open thread, and making a more prominent post about this strategy for any EA+Cryonics people.

The value was mostly due to hearing others' opinions and perception of me, where you don't usually get that kind of feedback. The assessment really only provided the framework and context.

While I didn't really utilize them myself, I'd agree with those benefits.

I took StrengthsFinder 2.0 soon after a new manager was hired for my office. I was skeptical of it, but not negative. The Strengths it gave me were unsurprising. The most use I got out of the exercise was from insights gleaned from a roundtable discussion about these strengths from the outside view of coworkers who had known me for a few months to more than a year.

Is it worth it to carry around aspirin to take if you even worry you might be having a heart attack, for people under 45?

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