Jason Silva on AI safety

by curiousepic1 min read9th May 201224 comments


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Just an FYI that Jason Silva, a "performance philosopher" who is quickly gaining popularity and audience, seems to have given little thought to, or not been exposed to the proper arguments for, or is unconvinced by, the existential threat of AGI. But of course, perhaps this optimism is what has allowed him to become so engagingly exuberant.

"And I think if they're truly trillions of times more intelligent than us, they're not going to be less empathetic than us---they're probably going to be more empathetic. For them it might not be that big of deal to give us some big universe to play around in, like an ant farm or something like that. We could already be living in such a world for all we know. But either way, I don't think they're going to tie us down and enslave us and send us to death camps; I don't think they're going to be fascist A.I.'s. "

Anyone have the connections to change his mind and help the X-risk meme piggyback on his voice?  Perhaps inviting him to Singularity Summit?