Advice for visiting the Bay Area?

by curiousepic1 min read23rd Mar 20125 comments


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So I'm visiting the Bay Area from April 17th-23rd, though I will be mostly busy with work from the 17th-19th. This will be my first visit to the area, and I'm trying to optimize my free time for potential LW/SI events or visits.  

Brief background: I am a SI donor, and also a LW meetup organizer for the Research Triangle area in North Carolina (which has been on hiatus since last summer), through which I was introduced to Alicorn.  I don't have a technical background, but am just starting to learn programming.  I'm also entertaining the notion of transferring to a position with my company in Palo Alto, with the eventual potential for starting or joining a game company (or anything else that seems more interesting and profitable).

I will be staying at and working near a Hotel in Palo Alto at least until the 19th, and might try to find a nice place to stay through AirBnB (or a hostel) for the remaining time.  Of course I might be more interested if you or someone you know has space to crash.

Of course, feel free to PM me instead of commenting.

Specific questions:

What meetups are potentially planned for this time?  Will there be a Rationality Bootcamp? (I joined the Bay Area and Tortuga Google Groups and am watching out there, but wanted to ask here as well)

Would it make sense to visit any of the "SI/LW houses", even if just to soak up the aura? 

Where should I try to find a room? SF seems to make sense if I'm making daily trips to either Mountain View or Berkeley.

Should I rent a car?

What are your recommendations for less "touristy", underground sightseeing?  I found this which looks awesome. More like it!


Many thanks!