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AI Safety "Success Stories"

I'm surprised this post didn't get more comments and spark more further research. Rereading it, I think it's both an excellent overview/distillation, and also a piece of strategy research in its own right. I wish there were more things like this. I think this post deserves to be expanded into a book or website and continually updated and refined.

The Parable of Predict-O-Matic

This piece of fiction is good sci-fi. It is fun to read and makes you think. In this case, it makes you think about some really important issues in AI safety and AI alignment.

Heads I Win, Tails?—Never Heard of Her; Or, Selective Reporting and the Tragedy of the Green Rationalists

This post improved my understanding of how censorship, polarization, groupthink, etc. work. I also love the slogan "Blatant cherry-picking is the best kind."

No nonsense version of the "racial algorithm bias"

This post does what it says in the title. With diagrams! It's not about AI safety or anything, but it's a high-quality explainer on a much-discussed topic, that I'd be happy to link people to.

Rule Thinkers In, Not Out

This post seems like good life advice for me and people like me, when taken with appropriate caution. It's well-written too, of course.

Thoughts on Human Models

This post raises awareness about some important and neglected problems IMO. It's not flashy or mind-blowing, but it's solid.

Humans Who Are Not Concentrating Are Not General Intelligences

I keep thinking about the title (/central claim) of this post. I'm not sure it's true, but it's given me a lot to think about. I think this post is useful for understanding GPT etc.

Understanding “Deep Double Descent”

I'm no ML expert, but thanks to this post I feel like I have a basic grasp of some important ML theory. (It's clearly written and has great graphs.) This is a big deal because this understanding of deep double descent has shaped my AI timelines to a noticeable degree.

Programmers Should Plan For Lower Pay

I'm fascinated to hear how this went. Well done, Randomsong, and please let us know what happened!

The LessWrong Book is Available for Pre-order

This looks awesome! Can't wait to get mine.

Is there something similar for The Codex? On Amazon I see a physical collection of slatestarcodex essays, but it has poor reviews, saying it's just a scrape of the website without images. Is it even official?

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