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At the risk of being uncharitable and the hope of being productive, I'm going to tell you my honest thoughts. If I met you in person, I would think you had had a bad childhood and are projecting that baggage onto animals. Your linked post confirms that. I wouldn't engage with your intellectual arguments because I would think the hurtful emotional fragility you demonstrated at Thanksgiving indicates you are unable to have dispassionate discussions. I'm sorry you had a bad childhood. You're allowed to cry about that without crying over every bird in the world. You're not going to save every turkey in America from a day almost everyone sees as a celebration of gratitude and family. You might be able to save yourself if you worked through your issues around feeling "happy and safe." I truly wish you the best.

I think a lot of information is contained in the tone of the response, even if the words are just "fine." Think of it as a conversational calibration. How much of a hurry is the other person in? Are you giving each other full attention? Are the emotions generally positive?

In business contexts, I like to answer positively, quickly, and without reciprocation. Sets the right tone.

Excellent synthesis. Every virtue lies between two vices.

I completely disagree! Nothing has brought me more happiness in my life than committing to a particular wife (first with marriage and then with children), a particular career, etc. No longer having to assess other options has freed up so much energy for desired ends.

Sometimes, you have to burn your own ships so that your soldiers can't consider retreating.

This analysis neglects the concept of velocity. If there is a fixed amount of dollars but (for example) a collapse in the housing market causes velocity to plummet, then unexpected deflation will wreck more chaos on the economy than an inflation rate of 1-2%.

A currency with a fixed supply is not stable.

One can avoid a wealth tax by living in another country. One can't avoid the inflation tax on US assets by moving to another country.

You've created a list of reasons to like TSLA, but you haven't said a single thing that comments on the current valuation. If your current sentiment is already reflected in the price, you can be right about the future yet punished for being wrong about the valuation.

This is a lot of confidence for a very volatile stock.