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I think we need to put our money and investment where our mouths are on this. Either Less Wrong (or another centralized discussion platform) are very valuable and worth tens of thousands of dollars in investment and moderation, or they are not that important and not worth it. It seems that every time we have a conversation about Less Wrong and the importance of it, the problem is that we expect everyone to do things on a volunteer basis and things will just magically get going again. It seems like Less Wrong was going great back when there was active and constant investment in it by MIRI and CFAR, and once that investment stopped things collapsed.

Otherwise we are just in a situation like that of Jaguar with the cupholders, where everyone is posting on forums for 10 years about how we need cupholders, but there is no one whose actual, paid job is to get cupholders in the cars.

We are in study room 251 in Hayden library.

Parking is $2 per hour at the bookstore right next to the MU. You usually have to wait a few minutes for a spot, but that's what I'd do.

I successfully held a lotus pose! I put it on a daily to do list that I would have to check off, and I got myself to do it by using the idea of actions as policies. There were a few days where I forgot, but I just accepted that I couldn't do anything about that and continued on. This has led to almost a month of daily stretching for 18 minutes a day. I have previously tried to regularly hold the necessary stretch many times in the past and failed! Now working to make the pose easier and be able to do it both ways. :)

I do. Trying to ensure that interest turns into attendance!

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