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Discussion article for the meetup : Phoenix, AZ Meetup on TDT

WHEN: 01 August 2011 07:00:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: 2502 E. Camelback Road Phoenix,AZ,85016

We will be getting together to discuss Timeless Decision Theory and other things. Time and day are currently flexible. We'll be meeting in the Paradise Bakery in the Biltmore mall. Link to TDT paper:

Discussion article for the meetup : Phoenix, AZ Meetup on TDT

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It looks like I'm going to be late; I'll be leaving Mesa at 20:00 and will be driving straight there. Hopefully, it won't be over by then.

I am actually running a little late myself. Will be there soon.

I'll be there.

This sounds very interesting. Do you have anybody who's particularly experienced with TDT or other decision theories committed to come? And which business will it be at, as that appears to be a mall of some sort?

Also, is anyone from down here in Tucson looking for a ride up, or already has one with an extra seat?

I think Jayson Virissimo might have some experience, and I'm pretty sure he'll be there. I edited the event to make it clear that we're meeting in the paradise bakery.

I haven't really thought seriously about decision theory in at least 2 years, but I should be able to knock enough of the cobwebs off my brain to explain the gist of EDT and CDT (should anyone be interested).

I unfortunately wont be able to make it up for this one, despite my strong interest in the subject. Would someone be willing to host me via Skype though?

I don't have a laptop with a webcam, but hopefully someone will. could you send me your skype name?