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Simple Tricks to Improve KN95 Masks

I see. Upgrade price to 9/10 then

Simple Tricks to Improve KN95 Masks

Like the idea of ear savers; might try them to see how they feel compared to the tight earloops.

Simple Tricks to Improve KN95 Masks

Those are fine. I would give them a 3/10 for comfort, 11/10 for efficacy, and 3/10 for price, since only the respirator part is reusable and you have to buy filters. A good choice if you in a very at risk demographic and don't mind spending the extra money.

For comparison, I'd give the modified KN95 a 6.5/10 for comfort, 7/10 for efficacy, and 8/10 for price.

Making Vaccine

I asked Alex from RADVAC on reddit about antibody responses to the vaccine. He replied by saying 4 of the researchers saw a "positive antibody response."


"Some of our core group started performing ELISA assays to determine the presence of anti-Spike antibodies, beginning back in May/June. Since only a handful of us had at that point been collecting samples rigorously, the sample size available to us was small, so although we saw a positive antibody response, we didn't consider the (n=4) data credible as a data set."

I dare not interpret the implications of this finding on how much we should expect out of these vaccines, but I thought that this would be important to discuss.