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How did experiments with lucid dreaming pan out?

I haven't had lucid dreams in a while. My first lucid dream was after I watched Waking Life for the first time, I went asleep wanting to have a lucid dream, and I did. A man in some old clothing stared at me in the dream, and I was like transported somehow into what seemed like my bed, but I knew I was dreaming and did some things like float around. Usually that's what I want to do when I realize I'm dreaming, try to float or go to specific places, but it's not that controllable, it's hard even to keep that consciousness and it's never longer than a couple of minutes or less. I do have some pretty weird dreams which I remember some bits afterwards, they seem to happen in some different forms of places I know, or sometimes places I've never seen before.

What do you actually do to replenish your willpower?

I simply don't know. I ask myself this question everytime I notice someone seems depressed and in want to do something meaningful. It just seems to arrive. In the case of personal projects, sometimes I simply get an idea, get excited about it and start working on it immediately. As the project takes shape I keep on getting excited wanting to improve it, maybe in search of a certain goal like feedback and recognition. I once worked on an editor for months, polished it a lot, for some reason I lost the code to it. After a while when remembering how much I liked that project I started feeling terrible, I still had an older version of the code and part of me wanted to restore it. I debated myself for days, argued with ideas of how it just wasn't worth it, but somehow I found the willpower to do it. Maybe it's like a rational decision, you decide it's the best way to go and do it. So it's not entirely controllable as you can't genuinely force your convictions and especially not all the outside stimuli that shape your thoughts.

What's the most annoying part of your life/job?

A problem I might have when making music is not knowing how it sounds to other people. Naturally you want all the intended details in your music to be noticed, but someone you just linked a song to might have listened to it on a phone, or using sub par headphones, or maybe on good headphones or speakers but you fine tuned your song to sound good on your headphones. Every audio equipment will have certain differences, it might have different EQ, might have more or less bass than you expected, etc. So, maybe not easily done yet, but getting to experience or at least know from good sources how your music sounds in a myriad of audio equipment would be nice. So maybe a site where people will listen to your music for a small price, where they list the audio equipment they possess with their characteristics and give you a review of how it sounded to them, I think would be helpful to producers to get a better notion of how their music is being perceived. I'm not sure I would pay for that myself though, but there's probably people who would.

Your Truth Is Not My Truth

While it is safe to assume most people will understand that statement in their own way making me even doubt if I should write a response, I think some words can be said by me on the subject.

The statement is an affirmation by the issuer to communicate that it is aware that what it has understood of the world can be different to what you have understood of the world. The level of which the statement was meant depends on what it was thinking at the time as it could have logical grounds or grounds rooted in the realm of physics.

The desired effect can either be to initiate conversation regarding that idea or as a simple recycled move to limit the way the conversation is going or the way it can go.