Communication is violent by nature

by Djini_Hendrix1 min read14th Nov 20164 comments


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First of all I got your attention, there's an established agreement that I am going to deliver and you will receive. You are currently playing with me. You and I are communicating through a language, I am going to impose some views and you are going to keep listening to me. If you stop listening to me I will lose control. If you don't listen to me I can't touch all the points I want to transmit to you. You can't just live in your own head, you can't be an island. You have to be in tune with these things I am saying, you have to play the game. Because if you don't, I can't use a wide range of methods to make you do what I want. Because if you don't, I will not be able to trust that you will not do something that can hurt me. Because if you don't I won't have enough authority to punish you for disrespecting our agreements.

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What is this even? I don't get it.

Karma is violent by nature, at least.

Downvoting as incoherent and objectively wrong. Also because bad grammar.

Perhaps next time you write a post you could put a bit more effort into coming up with something that's actually worth communicating.