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Refraining from questioning the meaning of "to proposing", why is there a degree symbol in your link? Was that added by the site?

An assumption with no basis, I trust you realized on reflection.

both A and B used the word "body" in places where I would have expected "self" or "mind" or "person"

I don't know where it originates or whether it serves any deliberate purpose, but that's common in social justice writing.

Interesting to read this shortly after this. Does Ta-Nehisi Coates have "influence"?

Did you mean to post that somewhere else?

Initial reaction: "That's news?".

That said, your link seems to be dead, with no archive. Do you have it saved?

From the comments:

Let me demonstrate how the summary statistics you report are entirely consistent with models which totally contradict your inferences.
your statistical model is bad and the data cannot support any alarmist claims about society discriminating enormously against high IQ or the need for a 'clarion call'.

There's no response to this from the author despite the passage of more than a year. Any thoughts?

How did it go? It seems like it would create some unsettling ambiguity in the "happy" ending.

Crazy guy: Hey, June*! Do you know that my cabinets keep opening and closing by themselves?
June*: Well, do you believe in ghosts?
Crazy guy: Yes, I do!
June*: Maybe your place is haunted, and the ghosts just want to say hello.
Crazy guy, after thinking a while: No, I think it's just my schizophrenia.

Allegedly overheard.

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