Worried that typical commenters at LW care way less than I expected about good epistemic practice. Hoping I'm wrong.

Software developer and EA with interests including programming language design, international auxiliary languages, rationalism, climate science and the psychology of its denial.

Looking for someone similar to myself to be my new best friend:

❖ Close friendship, preferably sharing a house ❖ Rationalist-appreciating epistemology; a love of accuracy and precision to the extent it is useful or important (but not excessively pedantic) ❖ Geeky, curious, and interested in improving the world ❖ Liberal/humanist values, such as a dislike of extreme inequality based on minor or irrelevant differences in starting points, and a like for ideas that may lead to solving such inequality. (OTOH, minor inequalities are certainly necessary and acceptable, and a high floor is clearly better than a low ceiling: an "equality" in which all are impoverished would be very bad) ❖ A love of freedom ❖ Utilitarian/consequentialist-leaning; preferably negative utilitarian ❖ High openness to experience: tolerance of ambiguity, low dogmatism, unconventionality, and again, intellectual curiosity ❖ I'm a nudist and would like someone who can participate at least sometimes ❖ Agnostic, atheist, or at least feeling doubts

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Ethnic Tension And Meaningless Arguments

Jonathan Haidt and his team hypnotized people to have strong disgust reactions to the word “often”

This link is broken (or the server is broken? "The connection was reset"), and I find the claim hard to believe.

How to talk rationally about cults

Heh. When chaos said "the 9/11 of cults" I thought "wait, wasn't 9/11 the 9/11 of cults?"

Common knowledge about Leverage Research 1.0

The former curriculum director and head-of-workshops for the Center For Applied Rationality would not be welcome or safe at a CFAR event?

What the **** is going on?

It sounds to me like mission failure, but I suppose it could also just be eccentric people not knowing how to get along (which isn't so much different?) 😕

The Duplicator: Instant Cloning Would Make the World Economy Explode

I think Holden partly put the cart before the horse by talking about consequences of a duplicator without even trying to show that a duplicator is possible. Perhaps the previous article has his answer:

[suppose] You think our economic and scientific progress will stagnate. Today's civilizations will crumble, and many more civilizations will fall and rise. Sure, we'll eventually get the ability to expand throughout the galaxy. But it will take 100,000 years. That's 10x the amount of time that has passed since human civilization began in the Levant.

The difference between your timeline and mine isn't even a pixel, so it doesn't show up on the chart. In the scheme of things, this "conservative" view and my view are the same.

Except that Holden is building "the most important century" series, and discussing a person-cloning technology that could be 400 years away, or 99,900, doesn't make the case for 21st-century-as-most-important.

Also, the duplicator route is one that makes "the little people" like myself fairly irrelevant. My IQ is only like 125, and wouldn't this duplicator be reserved for the top 0.1% or so? Maybe you need something like a 150 IQ to be worth duplicating, unless you are somebody like Beyoncé or Bill Gates with wealth and/or a proven track record. Or perhaps Xi's hand-picked successor takes over the world and only duplicates his most loyal followers and scientists. Even if this century is the most important, that matters little to me if I cannot participate in the revolution.

In the current world, what I need to enable me to meaningfully influence the future is money I don't have, but I am more likely to get that than new genius abilities. Now, I don't oppose duplicators, but it seems like we're very far from having one. Just bringing people out of poverty and wage-slavery (e.g. via UBI and/or an Open Engineering program) would quickly enable a lot more smart people to do smart things rather than just obeying the boss's orders.

Where do you live?

Hm, somebody strong-upvoted this (and Calgary - I wonder who)

The rationalist community's location problem

Manchester sounds nice, but what can you tell me about UK immigration law? Is there a base of EAs, rationalists, or ACX fans already?

Where do you live?

Yeah, and it is probably very tempting for people to click places they like :D. Also I got downvoted and probably most people will never see the survey.

As far as I've seen, downvoting typically works the same way on other sites; LW is normal in this regard.

Where do you live?

As a Canadian I can testify that Canada certainly seems to be welcoming to all skilled professionals, but from personal experience, their system for issuing temporary/visitor visas stinks: they rejected my wife's application to leave her son behind in the Philippines and visit me in Canada because she failed to "prove" that she would leave at the end of her visit. The thing is, it's impossible to prove! A return flight is not considered evidence, I can't buy a bond to promise she will leave, and leaving a child behind is considered evidence but, in my case, was insufficient. Notably, there is nothing on any government web site hinting at how hard it is to visit Canada, or how arbitrary and opaque the decisions are.

As a preliminary check, I filled out a questionnaire and verified that a 35-year-old person with good English skill (7.5/9 scores on IELTS), 2 years of college, 2 years experience in a skilled profession, married, one child, no job offer in Canada, but $30,000 CAD to bring to Canada, is eligible to apply for Express Entry if the wife scored likewise on the English test (oddly there is no provision for native English speakers). But this is just the very beginning; the Express Entry program doesn't seem particularly "express" (or fast or cheap). You might be able to apply, but do you have enough "points" to actually immigrate? After a brief review I couldn't figure out how the point system actually correlates to getting a "invitation to apply". The most recent minimum number of points was 744 out of 1200, but I can't find anyone saying whether (1) you're guaranteed to get an "invitation to apply" if you pass the threshold, or (2) there is some kind of probabilistic formula for the "draw" system based on the points (as this page seems to imply). If you do get an "invitation to apply" I would guess you have some kind of temporary "right" to permanent residence if you immediately do the copious paperwork and pay the $1,325 application fee, but I don't see anyone spelling out the probability of successful immigration conditional upon having an "invitation to apply".

Where do you live?

Calgary, AB, Canada (north of Idaho)

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