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Feature Suggestion: add a number to the hidden author names.

I enjoy keeping the author names hidden when reading the site, but find it difficult to follow comment threads when there isn't a persistent id for each poster. I think a number would suffice while keeping the hiddenness.

This has unironically increased the levels of fun in my life

If you already have the concept, you only need a pointer. If you don't have the concept, you need the whole construction. [1]

  1. ^

Yay! I've always been a big fan of the art you guys did on the books. The Least Wrong page has a sort of official magazine feel I like due to the extra design. 

Completed the survey. I liked the additional questions you added, and the overall work put into this. Thanks!

Oh, got it. 

I mean, that still sounds fine to me? I'd rather know about a cool article because it's highly upvoted (and the submitter getting money for that) than not know about the article at all. 

If the money starts being significant I can imagine authors migrating to the sites where they can get money for their writing. (I imagine this has already happened a bit with things like substack)

You get money for writing posts that people like. Upvoting posts doesn't get you money. I imagine that creats an incentive to write posts. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you? is a reddit clone that costs 1$ to subscribe, and then it splits the money towards those users you upvote more of. I think it's an interesting idea worth watching.

Maybe? I've not played it all that much, honestly. I was simply struck by the neat way it interacted with multiple players. 

I think it could be easily tweaked or houseruled to be a peavewager game by just revealing all the hidden information. Next time I play I'll probably try it out this way. 

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