A DIY cryptocurrency hardware wallet for free

You can also do the same thing with just one debian thumbdrive and enable a persistent partition. The easiest is to use Rufus when creating the live thumbdrive: https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/08/rufus-creating-persistent-storage-live.html Then you can run debian (eg. Ubuntu) and all your changes will be saved on the same stick.

DreamFlasher's Shortform

Get notifications for new events nearby: At some point it was possible to get notifications for nearby events, would be great to see that feature coming back! Ideally I'd like to specify the distance I'd like to get notifications for.

1/9/2018 Update - Frontpage Views

How is "Curated Content" created? I couldn't find anything with a few searches.

LessWrong 35c3 meetup

We have a LessWrong group chat for the 35C3 on Signal (www.signal.org), now counting 19 people -- send me a message with your phone number, if you want to be added.

European Community Weekend 2017

Would somebody be so kind to promote this to main? :) Thank you!

Positive Bias: Look Into the Dark

Is my idea correct why this is in Mysterious Answers?: Due to positive bias you don’t try to falsify a theory -- and if a theory does not predict anything for the negative case, then it does not have any predictive value and thus is a mysterious answer.

Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions

My summary: A mysterious answer is a fake explanation that acts as a semantic stop sign. Signs for mysterious answers:

  • Explanation acts as curiousity-stopper rather than anticipation-controller

  • Hypothesis is a black box (no underlying principles to derive from)

  • Social indication that people cherish their ignorance

Science as Attire

key take-away:

  • Many people can’t judge the difference between plausible and implausible scientific explanations, for them it’s just ‘science’

  • Science as a new authority to explain things (similar to religion)

Guessing the Teacher's Password

my summary:

  • For abstract concepts we need to drill down to relate them to empirical testing

  • We shouldn’t be satisfied with just saying the keywords, but seek to genuinly understand what’s going on.

  • The human brains tends to value what it gives social approval than which it matches physical reality.

  • Test as much as possible.

Fake Explanations
  • We can be swayed by the context we are operating in, thinking inside-the-box
  • Don’t use terms and explanations if you are not really sure about the concepts
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