We are excited to announce this year's European LessWrong Community Weekend. For the fifth time, rationalists from all over Europe (and some from outside Europe) are gathering in Berlin to socialize, have fun, exchange knowledge and skills, and have interesting discussions.

The event takes place September 7th to September 9th and, like last year, it will be held in the beautiful Jugendherberge Wannsee which contains a large room for central events, several seminar rooms, and lots of comfortable spaces inside and out to socialize or relax.

This is a community-driven event. That means that while there will be a keynote and pre-planned content, the bulk of the schedule will be filled by the participants. There will be space to give talks, short or long, provide workshops, or just gather some people to do an activity together. In previous years we had the talks, lightning talks and workshops you would expect, as well as lighter activities such as morning-workouts, meditation sessions, authentic relating games, swimming in the lake and many more. Of course, there will also be time to reconnect with friends and form new connections with other aspiring rationalists.

Some valuable information

Most of the talks and discussions will be held in English, so you do not need to be able to speak German to attend.

The ticket price of €150 includes accommodation for two nights, on-site meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks, and a welcome lunch on Friday at 12:00.

The event wraps up Sunday afternoon around 15:00. In the days after the weekend, participants are invited to stay in Berlin a little longer to explore the city, go bouldering, play frisbee, etc. While this is not part of the official event, we will coordinate couch-surfing opportunities to avoid the need for hotels.


If you have any question, please email us at lwcw.europe@gmail.com.


Looking forward to seeing you there,

The Community Weekend organizers and LessWrong Deutschland e.V.

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Is there some place a description of what was done the last years ? It would certainly help new comers like me to decide what to do. For example, it would be easyer to know what I want to attend if I have a few ideas to start with

The Community Weekend of 2017 was one of the highlights of my past year. I strongly recommend it.

Excellent discussions, very friendly organizers, awesome activities.

Signed up!

You might want to advertise this on LesserWrong, which is somewhat officially the new site.