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Novavax is approved by now. Is there any updated data regarding protection against different omicron variants?

Answer by DreamFlasher10

"The pandemic’s true health cost: how much of our lives has COVID stolen? Researchers are trying to calculate how many years have been lost to disability and death." https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-01341-7 (published May 18th 2022)

You can also do the same thing with just one debian thumbdrive and enable a persistent partition. The easiest is to use Rufus when creating the live thumbdrive: https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/08/rufus-creating-persistent-storage-live.html Then you can run debian (eg. Ubuntu) and all your changes will be saved on the same stick.

Get notifications for new events nearby: At some point it was possible to get notifications for nearby events, would be great to see that feature coming back! Ideally I'd like to specify the distance I'd like to get notifications for.

How is "Curated Content" created? I couldn't find anything with a few searches.

We have a LessWrong group chat for the 35C3 on Signal (www.signal.org), now counting 19 people -- send me a message with your phone number, if you want to be added.

Would somebody be so kind to promote this to main? :) Thank you!

Is my idea correct why this is in Mysterious Answers?: Due to positive bias you don’t try to falsify a theory -- and if a theory does not predict anything for the negative case, then it does not have any predictive value and thus is a mysterious answer.

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