How do I improve at being strategic?

I think that generally, skills (including metacognitive skills) don't transfer that well between different domains and it's best to practice directly. However, games also give one better feedback loops and easier access to mentoring, so the room for improvement might be larger.

 A meta-analysis on transfer from video games to cognitive abilities saw small or null gains:

The lack of skill generalization from one domain to different ones—that is, far transfer—has been documented in various fields of research such as working memory training, music, brain training, and chess. Video game training is another activity that has been claimed by many researchers to foster a broad range of cognitive abilities such as visual processing, attention, spatial ability, and cognitive control. We tested these claims with three random-effects meta-analytic models. The first meta-analysis (k = 310) examined the correlation between video game skill and cognitive ability. The second meta-analysis (k = 315) dealt with the differences between video game players and nonplayers in cognitive ability. The third meta-analysis (k = 359) investigated the effects of video game training on participants’ cognitive ability. Small or null overall effect sizes were found in all three models. These outcomes show that overall cognitive ability and video game skill are only weakly related. Importantly, we found no evidence of a causal relationship between playing video games and enhanced cognitive ability. Video game training thus represents no exception to the general difficulty of obtaining far transfer.

However, A review on study of chess does see some gains, and gains that seem to improve with more time of instruction, but it's a smaller survey of inadequately designed studies.

Is there an academic consensus around Rent Control?

Thanks for the concrete examples! Do you have relevant references for these at hand? I could imagine that there might be better ways to solve these issues, or that they somehow mostly cancel out or relatively low problems, so I'm interested to see relevant arguments and case studies.  

Is there an academic consensus around Rent Control?

I don't think that operationalizing exactly what I mean by a consensus would help a lot. My goal here is to really understand how certain I should be about whether rent control is a bad policy (and what are the important cases where it might not be a good policy, such as the examples ChristianKl gave below). 

Is there an academic consensus around Rent Control?

That's right, and a poor framing on my part 😊

 I am interested in a consensus among academic economists, or in economic arguments for rent control. Specifically because I'm mostly interested in utilitarian reasoning, but I'd also be curious about what other disciplines have to say.

Epistemic Progress

This sounds like an amazing project and I find it very motivating. Especially the questions around how we'd like future epistemics to be and prioritizing different tools/training.

As I'm sure you are aware, there is a wide academic literature around many related aspects including the formalization of rationality, descriptive analysis of personal and group epistemics, and building training programs. If I understand you correctly, a GPI analog here would be something like an interdisciplinary research center that attempts to find general frameworks with which it would be possible later on to better compare between interventions that aim at improving epistemics and to standardize a goal of "epistemic progress", with a focus on the most initially promising subdomains? 

AI safety via market making

I think that M only prints something after converging with Adv, and that Adv does not print anything directly to H

Realism about rationality

Abram, did you reply to that crux somewhere?

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