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It's part of the worship option, I would say. As he would otherwise be contradicting himself when he outlines the actual Explain option.

Edit: Whoops, the next comment is by Eliezer addressing this question but I'm going to leave this here for ease of reading.

Transhumanist Fables

It seems to me that some reasons may be: a lot of interesting comments have been made, which may intimidate; the posts are often very concise; and since the posts are so old, one may expect the page to be dead.

Personally I don't think I have read any "new" articles so far^^

Feeling Rational
If so, then as you study the skills of rationality and train yourself not to deny facts, your feelings will become stronger.

How does one go about this?

I have begun reading everything I can find by you on this page - I will probably also read other things, but it seems a foundation by (one of) the founder would be useful.

Still, while I see the ideas presented as very useful, I find myself wondering how do actually go about implementing them. Take any one thing as an example here, such as "Making Beliefs Pay Rent". (I hope you are not annoyed by this Outside The Box-Box^^)

One way of doing this seems to be to simply read or think about this over and over until I have the thought ingrained into my minds commonly used pathways, so as to enable me to have more opportunities to actually work on my beliefs/implement these ideas into my day.

This seems inefficient, even though I don't know if it simply is inefficient to start doing something like that.

Another way would probably be do sit down somewhere and try to let your beliefs flow through you while watching for inconsistencies.

This however appears to me to be unlikely to actually work / in my experience I start to either drift and/or probably) miss most things.

So, how does one study the skills of rationality and train oneself (not to deny facts/X/Y/..)?

If I missed something obvious and this annoys you, I hope I get an answer before you delete this and want to know that I would be feeling sad about having annoyed you without offering you my submission.