Do you think TDT/FDT imply magic is real?

So what does "is magic real?", as a child might ask the question, correspond to?

Who lacks the qualia of consciousness?
Do these things feel logically impossible per se?

Yes, same qualia as looking at an Escher staircase IRL but feels more fundamental.

Do they feel impossible because they contradict other things that you believe are true?

No. I can't break down why they feel impossible.

Do you draw the conclusion that the impossible-seeming things genuinely cannot exist or (in the case of self-perception?) genuinely do not exist, despite appearances?

Kinda but I can't maintain that because milliseconds later I perceive the "impossible" qualia again.

Free will used to feel impossible but now that I understand free will as related to e.g. the 5-and-10 problem it's more... manipulable somehow.

emmab's Shortform

standard model of PA = schelling model of PA?

Debate on Instrumental Convergence between LeCun, Russell, Bengio, Zador, and More
5. A second machine, designed solely to neutralize an evil super-intelligent machine will win every time, if given similar amounts of computing resources (because specialized machines always beat general ones).

This implies you have some resource you didn't fully imbue to the first AI, that you still have available to imbue to the second. What is that resource?

Who lacks the qualia of consciousness?

I feel a sense of impossibility that "anything could exist at all".

I feel a sense of impossibility when I contemplate the recursive nature of perceiving myself perceiving thoughts.

I feel a sense of impossibility about something unspeakable that comes before and is outside anything else.

How are we sure we mean the same thing by the word consciousness though? All I can tell for sure is that ppl think consciousness is "impossible" (cus they try to invent quantum phlogiston to explain it), and something about consciousness engendering moral worth.

I don't think I'd have less moral worth if I couldn't recognize myself in a mirror. I still have moral worth when I'm not introspecting.

I get the sense of impossibility but I get it about lots of things, e.g. Greg Egan's dust from permutation city.

I feel like maybe I'm missing something other people are experiencing here, but maybe not.

emmab's Shortform

spectrum of qualia of rapid muscle movement:

1. wiggle back and forth with no delay

2. effort required to make individual movements one in a row

some actions are only sometimes available to me in form #2 e.g. glossolalia, patterns of rapid eye movement

sometimes it seems like a matter of training e.g. learning to wiggle my ears

Paternal Formats

I've been experimenting a bit with using vimwiki: https://github.com/vimwiki/vimwiki

This topic (affordance/encoding) is one of the universal entry points to systemization of fully general agency.

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