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If you are buying "a place to live" that can get complicated.

But buying "a building to rent out" isn't any more fraught than buying a car (or a boat, which is a more expensive vehicle; or a private jet for an even bigger "thing").

Guessing that it involved a human checking the website and/or sending an email to find out if the author had used a translation tool

Maybe, but a big player selling without explanation can also cause a panic.

There are also reputation effects with either choice.

Both examples are in "Cut time" [2÷2] - so only 2 beats to a measure.

A middle ground version of this happens (in the US) over the summer when almost all kids are out of school for 8 weeks between June 15 and Aug 15 (plus or minus), so families that can often take thier long vacations during that time.

On my 10 person team, that led to the entire 8 weeks having 1-4 people off.

I don't know, but it would depend greatly on your kettle design.

Depending on what kind of pasta dish is being made you can also:

  1. Use hot (120°F) water from the tap instead of cold.
  2. Use the Alton Brown method, where you put the pasta in the pot first, then add just enough water to cover (plus a little extra, like you would for rice), and heat from cold, stirring to keep the pasta from sticking. This reduces the total time from start to "pasta done", and you don't drain off the starchy water, so you get a creamier sauce (I use this regularly for Kraft Mac&Cheese) 2.5. Do that partially, where you still use a bunch of water, but add your pasta when it's half way to boiling. In either case, the pasta will be done cooking when the water boils (or like 1 minute after)
  3. Use a pressure cooker. It takes longer to boil, less time to cook, and you include your sauce with the pasta, so it's just one thing to clean
  4. Put the pasta in the kettle (before turning it on)
  5. Start the water boiling earlier, like when you start browning your meat (or vegan "meat") of making a quick sauce, to take the water boiling off the critical path.
  6. Use fresh pasta, which cooks in 2 minutes instead of 8

Our family draws a line between American Football (and Boxing/MMA/etc.) Where the point of the game is to hit your opponent (and, by symmetry, be hit) and other sports where getting hit is accidental. Soccer Headers is a gray area.

  1. Aim to explain, not persuade: the arguments against Approval Voting should at least be mentioned (eg

  2. Depressing turnout of other major candidates doesn't go down in value, so I see no support for the assertion that the campaigns would be less negative.

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