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Are exceptional people narcissistic? Probably a little bit. You do need a certain amount of ego to do things at all. 


Be aware of how your social graph shapes you.

Me: I pivoted to a new idea

Friend: "pivoted" 😭 

Use human words like "seemed futile" or "not interested anymore"

I think I see the problem

You are being raised by sf techbros who hold you to masculine standards


When asking for feedback, it might be beneficial to clarify your goals


Build a habit of escaping overwhelmed-mode fast

Based on introspection

1. externalizing my thoughts  

2. ask: what is the goal? alternatively, what is the vision? What do I want?

3. seeing exciting combinations of possible decisions, then breaking then down into individual decisions (alternate between steps 2 and 3 which can reciprocally gain more clarity)

4. perform pairwise comparison using realistic best cases and average cases, including goal progress


One way to do this is to email people that you want to be your mentor with the subject “Request for Mentorship”.

I'm curious if anyone sending emails like these have gotten mentors. The success rate might be higher if you form a connection and then ask for recurring meetings.


Follow up idea based on the stalking section:

  • Write an algorithm that finds the shortest distance from any person through connections to desired person using social media like X or Instagram
  • Ask nodes to contact the target node or ask secret matchmakers to create a set up with a convincing pretext such as inviting them to rationality events!
  • Automate steps in the process and involve others.

If it helps, I can help match people in the rationality-adjacent circles through manifold.love. You can find my contact information in my profile.

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I wonder under what conditions people would choose Nothingness?