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Those sure are a lot of naked assertions with zero supporting argument. Strange, I don't feel any particular urge to defend Bonds' monumentally bad writing.

How could phlogiston theory have explained the flame not going out? It seems pretty straightforward : as the air absorbs phlogistion from the substance being burnt, it eventually becomes saturated. If the flame didn't go out, this would disprove the theory.

Sounds like a great way to excuse writing trash.

what do you mean by "how can you get blue from not-blue"?

"This of course makes me a deranged, non-thinking, Eliezer-worshiping fanatic for whom the singularity is a substitute religion."

Yes, it does. Seek professional help.

And then your opponent still steals, gets all the money, and nothing goes to medical research. woopty doo.

Masculinity isn't off-putting.

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