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Meetup : BALTIMORE: Anyone wanna meet up?

Wish I had seen this. I announced a Baltimore meetup a few months ago, but the only other attendees came from DC. Let's get our act together. :-)


Well, I'm interested in doing a meetup if y'all are. I'd be willing to host here in Baltimore. I guess express interest and availability here or in PM?

Diplomacy as a Game Theory Laboratory

If contracts using outside resources were legitimate it would also be okay for players to (consistently) offer cash rewards for cooperation. That would break the game pretty badly.

The Irrationality Game

Same here. A "pretty sure" confidence level would probably have done it for me.

Is cryonics necessary?: Writing yourself into the future

Writing might be inferior to lifelogging as a way of preserving yourself, but it might actually be better than lifelogging as a way of having a specific type of impact on the future. Since neither form of reconstruction is going to provide the same type of experiential immortality as cryonics potentially would, why not attempt to reincarnate your ideal self?

(As far as general anthropological data goes, there's going to be plenty of footage of average schmucks doing random stuff.)

The Tragedy of the Social Epistemology Commons

Just as all good families are quite similar and bad families are often uniquely different, there's basically one correct epistemology and a whole lot of incorrect ones.

That's a pretty risky analogy.

Cambridge Less Wrong meetup this Sunday, May 16

I was the guy sitting across from you reading "Yoga Time Travel."

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